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yarnfangLet's try and set up for a call next weekend. If someone is able or unable please say so, I'd want as many as possible.
Martyste Tendertail@everyone From 23rd to 26th July i'm moving to Amiens ( 80 km from Paris ) at Sora Aruzaky's home. We are most likely to make a new attempt at Asterix OG 2P any% and maybe other XXL related stuff. I'll keep you all updated from there! Now if you excuse me, i need to find my old English student books so i could make Sora at least a bit more fluent at this language.
Martyste Tendertail@everyone We are now nearly 50 people over there! I love you guys so much. In order to keep track with all of you, and avoid forgetting about anyone, I've added an #introduce_yourself channel, so please go there and drop there a quick bio of yourself!
Martyste TendertailFrom today to 27th i'll be going to grandma's house, where's there's little to no internet. Be kind while I'm away! I'll let @yarnfang and @Sora Aruzaky moderate ( Sora in case french people need help, of course.
Martyste Tendertail@everyone Happy Asterix XXL's 15th anniversary, boys!!!
Martyste TendertailBeta version of the Discord Icon
Martyste TendertailBetter like this Hmmmm?
Martyste TendertailUse this in Thumbnails, renders, etc...
Martyste TendertailHey, we reached 80 members! Welcome to all newcomers!
Martyste Tendertail@everyone Now that I got rubinho's XXL Tee-Shirts, one is getting ready to get sent to OSome Studios! But before I do that, I'd like to recieve from you guys your words of support towards the team: just pick a pen, or marker and a piece of paper, scribble something ( drawing, a few words, or even just a signature, or a Merry Christmas ), then take a photo of your paper or scan it with a printer, and send it to me. I'll gather them all and print them to add to the package. Good luck! Give me your contributions before Saturday 15h December!
Martyste TendertailBIG Shoutouts to Failentin for that first piece of wonderfulness we are going to send to OSome! It looks amazing. But we need more! Even if they are very simple!
Martyste TendertailI created a separate category for anything about speedruns of the Asterix games. Please use them accordingly. The general category can still be used for any other topics.
Martyste i'll be live soon on this café for an XXL 2 contest!
Martyste TendertailThere's facecam aswell so you'll see me and my tee shirt...
Martyste Tendertail@here Now IS the time for XXL2's contest ! Goal: collect as many helmets as possible in a couple minutes.
Martyste TendertailStream is on!
Martyste TendertailI added roles such as "@Asterix XXL WR" you can earn by getting WR on a couple of Asterix games ( ask me if you're going WR on a missing one ), so everyone can admire your achievement! Get running!
Martyste Tendertail90 members! We might make it to the hundred quite soon! Thank you everyone!
Martyste TendertailThanks to @NoTeefy 's hard work, we are now able to run Asterix XXL with an autosplitter, available on your Livesplit upon chosing the game! It features an option for segmented runs too, that you have to check ( I recommend making separate split files for segments as you don't play the same way in them than full runs ). And thanks to that, the timing has changed finally, and we no longer include the opening cutscene, either RTA or loadless RTA, as the splitter does it for you frame perfect! Go play with your favorite language! Remember to update your gamemodule.elb file too, in #downloads. If you guys have splits made with Spanish language, you can substact 1:07.20 from your gaul segment to fully update your times. I will soon update the records that stand on the leaderboards.
Martyste TendertailThe XXL Arena's Discord community just turned 3 years old a couple days ago! That's a lot of time and history to be proud of! With a community of nearly 110 members, it's safe to say he aren't anywhere near the end of the road. Newcomers, you're welcome to make us old-timers surprised with your discoveries and experiences with the games! Cheers!