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Jesse NikulusHey, its a new channel!😄
PegPeregoGaucho:pogelix: IRL Selfie channel :peepoCheerLaptop:
StinkekSo, long ago I found out that the first animated film - Asterix the Gaul - was made without Goscinny and Uderzo even knowing about it, and they didn't like the way it turned out, which I can totally understand, Asterix looks weird, the animation is quite limited and often reused. But the studio that made that film was also working on 2 more films, which were gonna be adaptions of Golden Sickle and Big Fight. Goscinny and Uderzo cancelled their production and ordered the film material to be destroyed, but some cels survived. I just stumbled upon this cel, and I don't remember the character at the table...
StinkekIt says "Asterix and Cleopatra", but I just quickly looked through the film and there's no character who looks like this. This isn't Crismus Bonus either.
Herr EpsilonBoth cels are from Golden Sickle. The chubby white-haired dude feasting on his chicken leg is the prefect of Lutetia who's behind the sickle conspiracy because he was "bored with life" and only money still amuses him.
Herr EpsilonThe bald guy at the table is his underling Navishtrix.
Herr Epsilon
StinkekAh. I think I'm not finding any cels from their "pure" Big Fight adaption...
StinkekAlso, I stumbled upon this French forum today: It looks very old-fashioned, but it's still active, since I saw covert art for the latest comics posted somewhere on there.
StinkekChecking what's there will be inconvenient for me... I mostly wonder if there's a 2D fanart thread.
Martyste Tendertail
Martyste TendertailOver here I think
StinkekAh, I briefly looked into it, but saw only a desktop's block with Asterix-themed case, some sculpture stuff and comic cover art. It's late so maybe I'll check more tomorrow.
Herr EpsilonSomeone there made a mixtape for Uderzo's death. Some people have interesting ideas, I guess.
Herr Epsilon
rubinho146I'm confused
Feder373Well, I didn't realize this was the GAMES section, maybe the channel should be in MISC instead...
Herr EpsilonLet the milking begin:
Herr EpsilonHere's an interesting article with many production pics for both the new Dogmatix TV series and a corresponding Dogmatix comic series!