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PegPeregoGauchoHello world!
PegPeregoGauchoThat will be the final boss
PegPeregoGauchothe mirror 🪞
Failentin||the area after the caves looks so good! Just need to figure out what to do here, lul||
PegPeregoGauchoYou'll get the hang of it 🙂
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||You'll get the hang of it 🙂||
Failentinoh yeah, I see the inspiration here 😄
PegPeregoGaucho||Get the potion and dash through them!||
Failentinonce again, I don't understand what is asked of me 🤔
Failentin||wow, that first boss fight really kept me on edge 😮 beautiful execution! Felt a lot better than most UXXL boss fights honestly :D||
PegPeregoGaucho||Was it hard? :pauselix: ||
FailentinI got it on my third try, very doable but still difficult
Failentinit strikes the ideal balance, I'd say
PegPeregoGauchoOkay, I think the hardest part is ||hitting the buttons with the cannonballs||
Failentintrue, but when most Romans are cleared out, it's okay
PegPeregoGauchobut now ||get ready for the next part :Merchant:, after all this being on edge it is time for some patience again||