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FailentinDon't worry, it's new
AndreofHazelI think it was created after you suggested it.
StinkekI wouldn't be surprised... XD
StinkekI can hear the metallic noise just looking at this
M3rtButur4K*ring attack noises intensefies*
StinkekI usually post my stuff on DeviantArt. My watchers (basically subscribed users) don't care about it that much, I usually draw cartoon animals and furries (mostly G - PG-13 stuff) they're more familiar with and not many people are familiar with the franchise.
AndreofHazelGreat effort Mert!
Martyste TendertailI don't use DA nearly as much as you do, because I sometimes choose FA instead. When I draw anything it's along those lines
Martyste TendertailANd yes I do 3D stuff to, that includes me and this BG
StinkekIf you're familiar with "Doki Doki Literature Club", then you know who ||will die first :(||
M3rtButur4Kwhat the
Martyste TendertailYou like these 4 amarite?
Martyste TendertailTry to dress them as 4 sword Links XD
Martyste Tendertail:OpieOp: We have him
StinkekYes. My friend boosted my interest in Sam Shieffer though.
Martyste TendertailTo think we have now officialy an Asterix fandom cracks me up XD
StinkekI think it's been there for a long time, it's just relatively small and quiet. At least I haven't seen any conflicts.