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yarnfangNot a bad idea.
Mr.Rubinshteinthat category can also include fan art or game art but its questionable
Mr.Rubinshteinow yes thank you
yarnfangI'll think about that part.
yarnfangFeels unnecessary to have multiple art channels you know :/c
Mr.Rubinshteinye i agree on that statement
Mr.Rubinshteinwhat also you could do is probably thing regarding roles 🤔 like adding extra roles and describing them in welcome rules channel so like user gets a role after sometime or after some kind of acievement
Mr.Rubinshteindescribe what each role does and what it give i dont know if its planned any like roles that give privileges or something like that but if there is then they would need description
Mr.Rubinshteinalso time-out role would be a good thing since especially we have some talented geniuses that can ruin fun it would be nice addition so that role will have access only to one channel
yarnfangThere should already be a timeout role.
yarnfangAnd the other one... You mean like some sort of role that shows that the user is a core member or something?
Mr.Rubinshteinyes like make roles which define everyone not saying to build hierarchy but like when someone joins he gets a role automatically so we know he is part of community and not a random guy
Mr.Rubinshteinand also i recognized that there are some dad accs here it would be good to get rid of them
Mr.Rubinshteini bet from those 237 human beings there are like half of them are dead accs lol
yarnfangYou mean like this shit right?
Mr.Rubinshteinnot only that
yarnfangI've seen that there are more and more and more o__o
Mr.Rubinshteinthere are like lot of random accs