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rubinho146Now this is like an anything goes
MoistManNow we don’t have to use Off-Topic!
MoistManYou know, Astérix seems to act like a dick towards Obélix in OG. Is it like that in the comics?
MoistManNick Frost voices Obelix in English in Mansion of the Gods
MoistManI guess I have to watch it now
kabelkaiAsterix is not a Dick towards Obelix at all
rubinho146Obelix in OG looks even clever in the way he talks through the entire game
MoistManHe sounds like a dick
suoy | PatrickAsterix complains a lot about Obelix brainpower
suoy | Patrickand Obelix is just the nice giant following him arround
MoistManHe apparently once hit Asterix and gave him amnesia
MoistManIn OG, most of the time when they talk Asterix seems to be complaining
MoistMan“We don’t need so many boars”, “Stop complaining and push” “Are you going to help me out any time soon?”
suoy | Patrickhehe
suoy | PatrickObelix invented the 5 second anesthesia hammer
MoistMan5 Second
Rile_ZugoWhat do you guys think of XXL2? (and specifically, the remaster?) I loved XXL as a kid but I never got to play the other Asterix games, and I learned about XXL2 remaster just a few days ago
Rile_ZugoI want to play the remaster now, what should I expect?