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FailentinXXL2 is a fantastic game and the best of the original trilogy (in my opinion at least ;D) It's rather short (expect around 5-6 hours of playtime), but the game is filled with nice little details and many, many references to pop culture (from 2005). So you can spend hours until you've found every reference! The combat is really nice too and a lot more elaborate than in XXL1, and the music, while being short, is very catchy and fitting.
Rile_ZugoTrilogy? Is Olympic Games in the same universe as XXL1 & 2?
FailentinWell it's made by the same developers and has similar gameplay and character models to XXL1&2, so you can call it an inofficial trilogy of sorts ;)
Rile_ZugoOh okay. Thanks for the answer(s)!
Deleted UserAgree with Failentin except that it's not my favourite one. You should have a good time playing this game man !
ĆukaMan, there are 78 members on the server!
ĆukaWhen I first came here in April 2017 it just had sth like 30-40 members!
Ćuka(Better say 70 members, bcz some of them are never online or is here just random XD)
rubinho146Many of them are really just random
Martyste TendertailStill, we were 73 about 3 days ago.
Martyste TendertailXXL2 HD drags the interest
ĆukaOh, yeah, you are right!
MoistManTime to force Microids to make Arthur and the Invisibles HD, Mega Madness HD, XXL1 HD, Asterix and Obelix Take on Caesar HD and The Gallic War HD
MoistManThey could also do the How To Train Your Dragon game but no-one likes that one
rubinho146Those games are better off alone, no HD is needed and will ruin the games
MoistManBut we willreach 100 people in the chat
FailentinEspecially if it's made by Microids 😉
rubinho146That’s why I said what I said bro hehe