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Mr.Rubinshteinits some ghost account that didnt post any messages
Mr.Rubinshteinand is inactive
Mr.Rubinshteinwe have nothing to lose anyways 80% of server is not even active here
Mr.Rubinshteindam what happened to the server
Mr.Rubinshteinright bar with people isappeared and appeared
This message has been modified at to:
right bar with people disappeared and appeared
yarnfangEverything... Everything happenedf.
Mr.Rubinshteinthat doesnt sound good
AdrienTDI guess effective solution would be to kick everyone from the server :Obelul:
AdrienTDLike maybe we can announce in advance that everybody is kicked, then when that happens people will rejoin.
AdrienTDInstead of kicking we can make some role be required to get read access.
Mr.Rubinshteinthats what i am telling
Mr.Rubinshteinpurge the server but before that post announcement
Mr.Rubinshteinwe either way have nothing to lose there are very small amount of people who are active anyways
FailentinNah, reading access through a role would be preferable