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yarnfang@Martyste Tendertail you had the things for the gamemoduel issue right?
yarnfangHmm no answer yet :/ @MrFantasticle I assume you did not get the patch that stops the game from crashing on 64-bit systems
yarnfangThough I think I may have been dumb enough not to save it anywhere
yarnfangMight be in my downloaded folder but that would take a undetermined amount of time to find
yarnfangOh wait I think this was the thing xD
yarnfangThat was easy to find
MrFantasticleI have it
MrFantasticleMarty has helped me a lot
yarnfangAh ok... And it still crashes you say?
yarnfangOh here is one thing that can happen. When you close the game it can sometimes not close completely and then you have to enter the thing where you can see all running processes and close it manually
yarnfangSo yeah, but the game works for ya then? Just that thing.
MrFantasticleRight i haven't look into that yet
MrFantasticleI'll try and see if that might be the case
MrFantasticleNah I can't find any process that i think would have to do with it
yarnfangTry and find the game module process
yarnfangOf course it would only bee there when you can't launch the game
MrFantasticleHere's a thing
MrFantasticled3d9.dll file