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yarnfangThe game, looks like shit, runs like shit, sounds like shit, has barely any gameplay and it's final boss is 100% RNG
yarnfangSeems like a perfect speedgame
Noxus94you mean for running it once, have a horrible time and then never touch it again? 😄
yarnfangSomething like that :)
yarnfangThe JPN game even comes with a ticket that you are meant to fill out on how you liked the game and how you found out about it
Martyste TendertailWasn't that game half 2D?
Martyste Tendertailomg
Martyste Tendertailanother difficult game of my childhood
Martyste Tendertail
Martyste TendertailI still have it in perfect condition, PS2
Martyste TendertailI probably never played it since I was 7 or so.
Martyste TendertailLitterally never looked again at anything Nemo after that. Forgot 100% of it.
Martyste TendertailReally, really vague memories of how the game looked like.
Martyste TendertailF*ck that game, it was hard to me.
yarnfangIt's bad
yarnfangAnd has the Nintenod seal of quality
Martyste TendertailAlso became Platinum on PS2 as you can see
Martyste TendertailIt's probably the movie's fault.