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PegPeregoGauchoNaming is like this, you can edit the file name yourself by using the windows file property dialog to change them all at once 👍
Martyste Tendertail**============** **XXL Soundtracks** **============** [Original upload date: by @Martyste Tendertail ] Full sountrack of every Asterix XXL games released on home consoles and PC so far, converted to MP3 (320kb/s). Tagged with custom album covers and useful metadata, and looped for a comfortable playlist experience. : XXLR Soundtrack added, established directly from the uncompressed rip above. XXL 1: XXL 2 Las Vegum: Olympic Games: XXL 3 Crystal Menhir: XXL Romastered: Enjoy the jams!
Martyste Tendertail**=========** **Mettler Font** **=========** [Original upload date: by @Martyste Tendertail ] Font used for all the text and HUD in the original PS2 release of Asterix XXL. Later releases changed the text font to Arial, with the exception of the credits. Can be installed on your PC to use practically anywhere! Download:
PegPeregoGaucho**======================** **Unfair XXL 2.0 Definitive Save File** **======================** __:SamPrayL: By @Feurus Fuchsus :SamPrayR: __ This save file has everything (including laurels, combos and gallery) done on save **slot** :5_: In **save slot** :1_: everything but Rome is done, allowing you to witness inferno without needing to complete the previous circles of hell :PES_Devil:
Download AUXXL.sav:
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