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Mr.Rubinshteini will take care of this channel
Mr.Rubinshteindont worry
Feder373So... Is Mega Madness the last retro game or how?
Filip5011the old slap em all
Filip5011forgot name
Filip5011and Gaullic war
Filip5011idk any others :TotalKappa:
Feder373Gallic War (2000), Mega Madness (2001), Bash them all (2002)
Mr.Rubinshtein"retro" games are the ones before XXL
Mr.Rubinshtein2002 was the last one where gameboy advance was used in development
Mr.Rubinshteintho now that i am thinking gameboy color was kinda last thing you ever see
Mr.Rubinshteinso like 1983-2000
Mr.Rubinshteinafter that comes mega madness
Mr.Rubinshteinxxl and rest
Mr.Rubinshtein2001-2008 can be considered golden era of Asterix games