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Martyste Tendertail:mariothumbs:
Martyste TendertailAnd this way you don't have to keep putting spoilers on UXXL stuff
PegPeregoGauchoThanks ;)
Martyste TendertailAnd btw welcome @Lolodachi . I believe SPQR can sum up for you what changed in Unfair XXL better than anyone else, being its creator.
SUPA BURORIwhen we'll have a normal playthrough of Unfair XXL ? (not speedrunning)
Марія Форґут10 hours?
Марія Форґут:CuriousSam:
rubinho146Very unfair that there was no channel here
rubinho146But now is fair
PegPeregoGauchoUnfair XXL changes: - Existing fights, number of enemies, choreography (enemy positions) and also adds new enemies to them (centurions in the burning village) - Adds new fights which are made completely from scratch (Enemies right at the start in gaul) - Changes each group of enemies in the game, more health, more damage, faster enemies, every enemy can now use their shield, etc. (There are *no* enemies which are alike, each and every single group is unique and challenging in it's own way) - puzzles and other interactive stuff has slight changes (repositioned/hidden) - adds more helmets and other collectibles and relocates existing stuff sometimes - appearance of enemies Its best to watch the trailer to get a good glimpse of it ^^
SUPA BURORIwe want Patch 2 please SPQR
rubinho146> we want Patch 2 please SPQR @SUPA BURORI You have to pay
rubinho146I'm joking dude ay lmao