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Martyste TendertailGreat!
Deleted Userima here bois
yarnfangThat you are ๐Ÿ™‚
Martyste Tendertail๐Ÿ˜„
Martyste TendertailGetting to bed sadly, you guys behave ( can't wait to speedrun again, but I still can't use anything to RECORD currently ( no personal computer, admin rights, stuff... ))
Martyste Tendertail
yarnfangI know the feel, I really do
Martyste TendertailBefore I go admire this
yarnfangDude, did you recreate that map in Mario 64?
Martyste TendertailMaybe with firends we may make it possible, with ASM code it would be almost the same game.
Martyste TendertailOops, I must get to that bed, sorry! *Zap*
yarnfangHave night
yarnfangI wish I knew how to make this happen
Martyste TendertailWow
Martyste TendertailDat is weird
yarnfangIt sure is
Martyste TendertailPretty sure it happened to me once. Loooong time ago.