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NoTeefyIf you play the standalone version (from as an example the teleporting locations are locked till you complete the area. Which means you already loose about 1 minute and 50 seconds in the first level
NoTeefyI think we might have to remove the current runs on the site because it's an unfair advantage. I mean I got both versions because I needed it to reverse engineer but you can't expect all of the other runners and the ones that are picking up the game in the future to be forced to buy the version on Steam
NoTeefyOh and it could also be the patch. Didn't test around much yet but there's a shipped update on GOG and I think that it wasn't published on Steam yet.
Sora Aruzaky😦
NoTeefyyeah it's super bad :C
yarnfangAllowing it would mean that anyone who owns console or similar would not be able to have a "fair" run :/
yarnfangAlso gog as you mentioned
NoTeefythat's the problem I have with that
NoTeefythe current WR run used the glitch that's the other thing
yarnfangAnd you are certain it is Steam exclusive? I wonder what could cause that
NoTeefyWell I'm still testing around but I had no problems when I did my first run on Steam the other day
NoTeefyand now it won't work at all on the standalone version. I didn't' do anything besides activating the french language
NoTeefyIt might actually be that... The bug maybe only doesn't appear if you play the original one in French since it''s their standarized language
NoTeefyDid like 4 runs today till Louxor and it never worked
NoTeefybut I can try and replay the first level in another language. Brb
yarnfangDo that
Martyste TendertailI played in French. I could have the bug too.
NoTeefy@Martyste Tendertail yeah but you played the steam version 😛