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sve_1991_Yeah... I can try to see... what time i will get
sve_1991_i will post screenshot here later
sve_1991_and of course i will record video in case i actually beat the solid WR
sve_1991_this is going to be so muuuuch fuunn
sve_1991_Alright. I am tired af. I stopped the run. πŸ˜„
NoTeefyrip but that happens
NoTeefyI tried to do a proper run yesterday; turned out I was waaay to tired and failed even the easy skips
NoTeefyI then reverse engineered some more stuff and guess what
NoTeefyToday every fucking jump/skip worked
NoTeefyI even got one eye skip in first try
NoTeefyBut I didn't record because I was pausing after every boss stage to save the savefiles
NoTeefyWould have been the WR easily, maybe even under 2:00
sve_1991_maybe you should go for it, record it and see what time you will get
NoTeefyYeah but I have no time for another run today
NoTeefygonna try to get some juicy runs going tomorrow πŸ˜‰