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StinkekI uploaded that gif on Tenor so you could use it on Discord xd
NoTeefyI know, there are other gifs pointing to you aswell 😛
Noxus94Also expect me to stream XXL 3 tomorrow evening
M3rtButur4Koh boi
Noxus94casual first, of course
Martyste TendertailMight do the same
FailentinI'll only be able to watch the first minutes, since I don't wanna be spoiled :c
Noxus94I'm only able to stream from abou 6:30 pm onward. So I guess I wish you guys fun with Marty, since he will probably be able to stream earlier ^^
M3rtButur4Ki'm not sure if i have enough time to watch cuz i'm uploading a new video and the wifi in the place that i'm staying for a week isn't the best
Ἀρχάγγελος ΜιχαήλAnyone have bugs?
NoTeefynot so far but I only played like 30 seconds because I am going to play the game with Nekin
Noxus94Just a few. Nothing big yet
NoTeefywe found a few in our 6 hour session this evening
NoTeefyeven some speedrun strats but nothing major, they are kinda funny though
NoTeefyoh and the game likes to crash without any notice if you're a noob and die while playing hard mode in co-op in the camps/challenges 🙂
NoTeefylike you get punished for being bad :Pedlar: