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yarnfangMy take, having an embargo to stop bum rushing speed runs is fine. We don't need some rando who gets big headed and brags about getting Vr or what ever with a shitty first time run. As for the version. I am of the opinion that one should always run on the fastest official version. So simply having a backed up version of the original would let us do that. Usually you don't need to back up the entire game, just and or two files that actually got edited.
FailentinI'd be down for a one week embargo.
NoTeefyI plan on backing up all released versions anyways
NoTeefytwo weeks sounds good to me
Simaf2 weeks for me too
Martyste TendertailI'd say two weeks, but I guess that depends how much post release support the game will get.
Noxus94it'll probably take them 1 1/2 until a patch, so I say two weeks as well
rubinho146@Martyste Tendertail What happened to the pinned tweets here?
FailentinThis is the speedrunning channel...
rubinho146Oh yeah
rubinho146Didn't noticed lmao
rubinho146Ignore me message
Herr EpsilonRömåstèr
Mr.RubinshteinWow who did write this genius lines xD