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ViGadeomesMarty, Do you have XXL2 version for PC or anyone? Aruzaky has a very bad connection to send me it x)
ViGadeomes@everyone Can anyone send me gamemodule.elb for this game ? Thank you !
pyramidensurferIf you have the original one:
ViGadeomesSomeone use DesmuME or record on nintendo DS ?
iTrash@ViGadeomes What's the matter?
ViGadeomesI can't record with a good quality on my computer when I use DesmuME so I don't know if my settings completelly emule perfectelly a real DS or If my computer can do it. I did some IL runs on XXL2 DS with DesmuME and the in game time is very long so I don't know if it's noral or not...
iTrashOh, I remember XXL2 on DS was pretty atrocious
ViGadeomes@everyone if someone has a capture card for nintendo DS lite Where can I buy it?
ViGadeomesyes x)
iTrashYou can build, one 😛
ViGadeomesBut I'll speedrun XXL 2 DS xD
iTrashjokes aside, there was a place that sold them
iTrashNot sure if they are still being sold
iTrashOr you can go crazy like me and build it yourself:
ViGadeomesyeah but I have a nintendo DS lite so that don't work :/
iTrashWell, a regular DS phat isn't that expensive