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yarnfangNope :) It's simply here as a reminder
Martyste TendertailWaiting for that WR guy to accept coming here
Martyste Tendertail@Sora Aruzaky C'est bon sa run est legit en fait il a trouvé une strat
Martyste TendertailAu lieu d'acheter la Twister au marchand de l'entrée, il va au combat final sans et ce marchand est présent, essouflé, et te vends la Twister contre tous tes casques si tu en as moins de 5000.
Martyste TendertailDonc désormais on ne farme de casques que pour les autres combos utiles
Sora Aruzakycool !
Martyste Tendertailje pense qu'il faudra seulement acheter le Fouet, Super Fouet et Marteau Pilon pour combattre aisément.
Martyste TendertailDépenser une minute à farmer les x3 aux romains de Alafolix et hop.
Sora AruzakyPas con
iTrashDoes Olympic Games require any patching to run?
pyramidensurferNo. At least not on Windows 7.
iTrashPhew, that saves me a bit of work
pyramidensurferActually, the Tages driver, the game uses for its copy protection, doesn't seem to work properly on Windows 10. The game doesn't crash, but it won't recognize the original disc. The No-DVD exe from the internet works fine though.
iTrashDoes it require the drivers to be installed?
pyramidensurferThe original or the No-DVD version?
iTrashthe No DVD version
iTrashI mean, the original will obviously
pyramidensurferI don't know. I tried starting the original game without installing it first (still had the files from a former Windows 7 installation), which seems to have installed the driver. I haven't found a way to completely uninstall it yet so I cant' check that at the moment.
pyramidensurferI just installed the most recent Tages driver from the official homepage and the original game runs fine with that. So it was just a problem with the old version of the driver packaged with the game.
pyramidensurferNo need for a patch.