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Martyste TendertailAt some point I should sort all emotes so we got ones for each game.
Nekin+1 :mrmvPoceblo:
Martyste TendertailYou don't need to make Obelix go through!!!
Martyste TendertailYEAH BOIIIII
Martyste TendertailA well placed charge from opposite platform ❤
Martyste TendertailMy Obelix success rate was below 1%
Martyste TendertailThis however took only 20 tries after speculation
Martyste TendertailNOOOOOOOOO
Martyste TendertailD:
Martyste TendertailThe cable car triggers the loading ;-;
Martyste TendertailAnother denied skip, cuz you really gotta load it...
Martyste TendertailAlso, I've just messed around with the story triggers.. the game is more solid than we would think
Martyste Tendertailyou can go into the tutorial while being on the Doctormabus chase
Martyste Tendertailand you can still fail the 30 roman challenge while being anywhere on the tutorial rooms
Martyste Tendertailyou can make the mirror oob skip and return inside the village at day 1
Martyste Tendertailif you go back to the entrance the cutscene for the 30 romans will start again
Martyste TendertailEnough messing up... i still hate this game for the Obelix skip
Martyste Tendertail@Sora Aruzaky On peut le faire ce skip.