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Deleted UserMy name is Yohann ! I'm 18 and I live in France. I've played to XXL 1 for more than 10 years now and it has been my first PC videogame !
sve_1991_My name is Svetoslav. XXL 2 Runner, Veteran Gamer (20 years of gaming), PC Gamer since the end of 2002 year, Trophy Hunter (PlayStation 4 trophies - hundreds of games played, psn nickname is the same). I played on many consoles, emulators etc.
alexinho.kmy name is Alex. I'm from Poland, 17 years old. My first Asterix was Olympic Games, I got it in 2009, but for the first time I played in 2011, because only then I had a sensible computer :p I play games from simple for Java to GTA V
ĆukaMy name is Jovan! I am 17 years old and I live in Serbia! 🇷🇸 I am a 'junior' in my high school, which means I'm in 3rd year. I've started playing XXL 1 (and Asterix games in generally) at the age of 5 and XXL 1 was my first game ever! (so glad it was) :asterix: I am mostly playing Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 1,2,3, Revolution and soon I MUST buy NSUNS 4! Btw, I really love watching Naruto/Naruto Shippuden series.
ViGadeomes20 this year, France, my first Asterix game was XXL 2 in 2007 maybe, I entered in speedrunning and TASing exactly 1 year ago. I'm waiting for a better PC to speedrun and record/stream at the same time on XXL 2 and other games ^^' I have a main goal to TAS every single Asterix game that can be TASed that doesn't have optimized TAS or no TAS at all.
yarnfangyarnfang, Swedish and owner of this server. Does some "speedruns" of XXL from time to time and has also been speedrunning Wind Waker and Splatoon2 for a bit. Fighting game enthusiast. Currently focused on improving my drawing skills by drawing every day. Has been for almost a year now.
AdrienTDMy name is Adrien. I am 19 years old and I live in Luxembourg. I played Asterix XXL2 and Olympic Games in my childhood. I also began programming at the age of 10 and made programs like games, modding tools, small OSs, websites in C++, ASM, Python, ... . I am currently working on modding tools for WK and Hitman (might also do some for XXL2 in the future).
KolaproI'm Vukašin, from Serbia, I love speedrunning and I love Asterix mega madness and the movies. I also speedrun crash and spyro. And I love anime
Deleted UserROBIN, love asterix game and commentator sometimes of speedrun
GUICYHi, im Benjamin and want to start to Speedrun XXL 2
lil babyHi, I'm mike aka qezakmi, speedruning GTA SA for a long time. Asterix & Obelix is game from my childhood so I decided lets give it a try
BlauhirnBlauhirn, have an IT degree, first to speedrun in Linux, and currently not running anything because Laptop overheats ^^ and I absolutely love xxl bathhouse music
SUPA BURORIHello, i am BURORI (aka Broly), i am a player of XXL 1 PC and GBA version, and finally XXL 2 PC !!! (Thanks for you help guys 🙏 )
BreadWhat's cooking, guys :) I'm Gino and I've played Asterix since its release ^^ XXL 1 was literally the game, I spend most of my infancy with. The same goes with XXL 2. Since we didn't have the manual anymore and in those times there was no internet either, we figured out certain tricks on how to beat the 1000 romans without using a combo :) Good ol' times, eh
FailentinHi, my name is Valentin and I'm from Germany. Asterix XXL2 was my first 3D platformer and became a big part of my childhood, still being one of my favourite games of all time and my favourite XXL game :D My childhood dream back then was this series getting a third installment, so imagine my reaction when it was finally announced this July :WutFace:
SmashingDROPhi im some dude whos to stupid to run the games and now doesnt see any meaning in life
Deleted UserHello, i'm a big boi that from Greece that lives in Australia. Iv played lots of Asterix XXL for many years since i was a little kid, one of my top games of all time and i finally got my hands on the pc version. I grew up with the GameCube version but i am excited to see how the pc version feels
rubinho146Heyoo, I'm a play a lot of Asterix & Obelix XXL, nothing much to say
MoistManI played Asterix and Obelix XXL for eons during my childhood (3-6 years old) and I am an avid watcher of speedruns. I am fixated on running Super Mario Odyssey right now.
Sebastian {Konsonautic}Hey guys, I‘m from germany. I played XXL and XXL2 nearly since released in my childhood and now started playing XXL again thx to this beautiful patch. Currently I study game and mediadesign and I work for a television- & radiostation.