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Martyste TendertailInstead, I did a freaking XXL 1 any% run
Martyste TendertailWould have been PB until the very end
Martyste TendertailBut I mindlessly activated Rome's second door switch before unlocking the magic potion. RIP my sub 1:20, instead I finish 14 seconds late.
Martyste TendertailNoxus' 1:18:18 is really hard to consider
Martyste TendertailWithout an SSD to load the speeches fast enough for my spam, I don't know.
MoistManThen make a kickstarted to get a SSD L0Lz
rubinho146You can only start a kickstarter if you have a project to share with the world like a videogame or a product
Martyste Tendertail@Noxus94 @yarnfang Can you guys link me the videos of your gold segments of XXL 1?
Martyste Tendertail( Helvetia and Egypt are already made by you Noxus but we miss the others )
Martyste TendertailUpdated to Mettler font and new cover art. Perfect fit.
Martyste TendertailDamn you, Noxus, your Helvetia flybash strat is hard as hell! 1/10 tries!
Martyste TendertailJust when I started getting consistent with the stationnary one.
Martyste TendertailWR
Martyste TendertailDOUBLE-YOU-EEERRRRR
Martyste TendertailIt's BEEN SINCE 1:40:XX
Martyste Tendertail1:17:45.52
Martyste TendertailIGT 1:16
Martyste Tendertail@yarnfang
Martyste Tendertail@Noxus94